Only read what you want with Ao3 Savior

Ao3 Savior is a script for filtering fics in the Ao3 fanfic tags. It’s basically the Tumblr savior and xkit of Ao3, and you don’t need an Ao3 account to install it.

For those who’d rather filter out my fanfic updates, here’s how to install Ao3 Savior for desktop browsers. If you mostly browse the Ao3 fanfiction tag on mobile, read on for a hack on excluding my fics without downloading any script or extension.

Excluding guava fics on desktop browsers

  1. Follow this step by step guide on installing Ao3 Savior for Google Chrome and Firefox
  2. Click on the Tampermonkey extension and click Dashboard
  3. Click ao3 savior
  4. Scroll down to authorBlacklist, type in ‘guava’ and save your edits
  5. The fandom tag will look like this now

    Note: If you don’t want to see my author’s name at all, find
    window.ao3SaviorConfig = {
    showReasons: true,
    And change ‘true’ to ‘false’.

Excluding guava fics on mobile 

  1. In your mobile browser, type ‘-guava’ in Search within results
  2. Click Sort and filter
  3. Bookmark this page
  4. Use this bookmarked link next time you’d like to check for fanfiction updates

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