Who is Guava?

I write fanfics on AO3 primarily for Tokusatsu shows. I also make GIFsets and edit pictures to post on my fanworks tumblr but not so much these days.

Whenever I read about other people’s processes behind their works, I get excited to create as well. I hope to share my own process on this blog and talk about my experience in improving both my writing and myself through this hobby.

Writing has been a life-long passion/obsession for me. I have been collecting resources and guides on writing from professional and fandom writers. Other topics related to writing that I’m interested in are habit hacking,  feedback/criticism, and cross-cultural fandom experiences.

My favourite Kamen Rider show is Kamen Rider Kabuto, which is also the show that got me into Tokusatsu way back when I was 16.

I go by Guava Juice, Guava or Juice ^_^.



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